EPR ACMA Compliance Services

Get Fast and Simple ACMA Compliance

Get Fast and Simple ACMA Compliance

Trust EPR Consultants to provide thorough assessments for your products and give you peace of mind.

Professional and Experienced Compliance Service

Our experienced team at EPR Consultants have been providing clients with fast and accurate compliance testing and certification services for many years. We have extensive experience with EMC/EMR/RF standards as required by the ACMA. Our comprehensive suite of services includes communication protocol management, product labelling, and applicable declarations for client signatures.

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Communication Protocol Management

We provide clients with communication protocol management including, but not limited to, WiFi, Bluetooth, 2G, 3G, and 4G. Our experienced team will ensure that your products are up to ACMA standards and that all protocols are managed efficiently.

Product Labelling

We ensure that all product labelling conforms to the ACMA requirements. Our team will make sure that all labelling is done accurately and up to the expected standards.

Applicable Declarations for Client Signature

We issue applicable EMC/EMR/RF declarations for client signature. This ensures that all products comply with the applicable standards and are up to date with the ACMA requirements. Our team will make sure that these declarations are issued in a timely manner.

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